Doll maker


About Vaudeville Manor

Hello and welcome to Vaudeville Manor.   I am Sally Blood, a doll maker, textile artist and crafter.  My inspiration comes from my interest in festival circus skills.  A deep love and fascination for nature compliment this. Both topics are equally colourful, full of detail and secrets, telling us many stories as the seasons’ change.

Doll Maker

I have always had a burning ambition to make dolls.  Incorporating the human figure was a recurring theme in my earlier work when I studied Contemporary Textile Practise for my degree.  The course really suited my diverse interest in artistic disciplines. This enabled me to explore a different variety of materials, colours, textures and techniques.  With this in mind, it seemed a natural progression to become a doll maker.

However, it was not until late 2014 when I started to take doll-making seriously.  To develop my skills, I created a range of cloth dolls for friends and family. By 2016 I was beginning to explore and create my own style of textile art dolls.  I created ‘Vaudeville Manor’ in 2018 and it is the story behind the scenes for my doll characters.