Show Jumper Cloth Doll
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Cloth Doll Archive Doll Pattern Adaptation #9: Show Jumper

Show Jumper Cloth Doll

This show jumper cloth doll was inspired by my cousin’s love for horses. She has been passionate about them since she was a child.  So naturally I wanted to create a cloth doll for her that reflected that.  Furthermore,  I had seen some photos of her show jumping so took my inspiration from there.

Creating The Show Jumping Outfit

Equestrian clothing is very distinctive.  Therefore, I wanted to make sure that I included all the key details.  

Equestrian Doll

Most notably the jacket, cravat, jodhpurs, riding hat and boots.

The Riding Hat and Hair

The riding hat was made from four slightly rounded triangular pieces to create the helmet part.  This had been adapted from a basic three-dimensional needle sculpted head pattern.   Therefore, two crescent pieces were sewn wrong sides together and turned out before being sewn onto the main hat.  The straps were made from four strips of ribbon.  The hat was lightly stuffed inside to provide the rigid effect of a real riding hat.

Doll in Horse Riding Hat

I tried a new way of styling the hair.   This time, I created a side parting for the fringe and added in layers at the back. Consequently this allowed me to create a much longer length of hair without being too bulky.

Cloth Doll Horse Rider

The Cravat

To create the cravat, I folded a simple piece of white cloth. In addition,  it was wrapped around the neck like a scarf and folded into place. Small stitches were used to hold the fabric in place and to keep ruched effect.

Horse Riding Cravat

The Jacket

I have made several jackets for my cloth dolls now. This one I really challenged me. For the reason that I opted to include a satin lining.  I really loved the design of this fabric and just knew it would be a lovely finishing touch to the jacket and to give it a classy feel.

Doll Wearing Horse Riding Jacket


The Jodhpurs And Riding Boots

Strips of black and white fabric were sewn together to make a base piece of material so that the jodhpurs and boots could be created in one piece.


Additional details were then added once the legs had been stuffed and formed.  Firstly patches of fake black suede were sewn on by hand to the white of the jodhpurs. Secondly, I added ribbon to decorate the top of the boots and a small button at the back.

Horse Riding Boots


This post was originally published October 14th 2015.

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