Autumn Textile Dolls
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Autumn Inspired Art Dolls

Harnessing the Beauty of Autumn

Autumn has to be my favourite season.  This is because it offers such a rich visual experience to any artist.   A variety of warm earth tones and crinkled textures from the fallen leaves completely seduce my imagination every year.  

Autumn Leaves

Therefore, last September I embarked on my biggest doll making journey yet, a where a feast of colours, indulged my imagination to create a range of autumnal inspired textile dolls.

Autumn Colour

Capturing the Essence of Fall

I explored writing a short poem based on my experience and thoughts about this mesmerising season.

As the green hues of summer fade into a distant memory.

The leaves begin to slowly fall,

Goddess of Autumn,

How you seduce us with your rich earth tones.


Stunning Autumn Colour

 Furthermore, I used the sketchbook journaling process to illustrate the words in my poem.  Consequently, I layered up cut out maple leaf shapes as I became intrigued by their shape and form.

Autumnal Poem

Autumn Goddess
Trees With Body Forms

Another fascinating form within the natural world is the Persian Ironwood tree.  They put on a spectacular show of colour every year.  My partner and I regularly walk past in these beautiful trees through Bournemouth Upper Gardens and gain great delight by their presence.

Tree with Autumnal Colour

This is because the Ironwoods provides further intrigue.  For the reason that their trunks and branches poetically twist like a tightly wrung rag. Wild distorted trunks create the most unusual shapes.  Fortunately for me, there are many of these magnificent trees, which line the edge of the path that meanders through the Gardens.

Autumn Tree Doll Design

Falling Autumnal Leaves

As the leaves drop, I started to notice how the trunks of the trees reminded of some the belly dance poses and moves that I have been interested in.

Tree Figures

Goddess Dolls from Drawing to Making

After dabbling with body shapes using tree trunks and dance postures I had a breakthrough with this sketch.  

Autumn Doll Design

The addition of antlers was inspired by a tribal fusion belly dance costume worn by Zoe Jakes, a renowned dancer from this sub-genre.  

Art doll with leaves and antlers

Similarly, this unusual accessory seemed to lend itself to something more ancient, and detail that fitted in with creatures from the woods.

Fabric Doll

Pagan, if you like. Touching upon something spiritual.

Art Textile Doll


Finally, since creating these dolls, I have since discovered the pagan festival of Mabon.  And whilst I have taken a break from Autumn, certainly, this is a topic that I will continue to return to.  

As a result next time, when I come back to this theme  I will explore the myth of Mabon.  Most notably I will use these stories as my starting point to create my next collection of Autumnal art dolls.


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