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Cloth Doll Archive Adaption #3 Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

This fairy princess, Liliella, was created for my cousin’s youngest daughter Lily. She is based on the final, most complex pattern, ‘Titiana’ from my Jan Horrox book.

Cloth Doll

She was definitely a challenge.  Therefore, this particular cloth doll took me a lot longer to create than the dolls that I had previously made.  This is due to her more complex moveable limbs.  The joints for the elbows and knees were created using separate upper and lower parts.  Finally, buttons were connected to the joints to create a moveable limbs.

Button Jointed Doll Limbs

However, despite the extra work, I enjoyed the challenge.  Furthermore, I learned additional doll making techniques in the process of making all the intricate details for this doll.

Creating a Fairy Colour Scheme

The colour scheme was developed from this original piece of textiles that I created for my textile degree over ten years ago.

Textiles For Cloth Doll Making

Initially, I dyed the fabric pale blue, then added red dye on top of the blue to create a bleed effect and purple dye to add texture.  The purple and pink stripes were created through a hand cut screen print.  Finally I stitched basic linear petal shapes over the purple textured areas.  

Jan Horrox Inspired

Fortunately, I already had a mixture of pink, purple and blue fabrics in my collection like the range of textured wools that I used for the hair, which also includes strips of off-cut fabrics from other parts of the doll.  I particularly like the vintage pink and purple floral fabric that I used on the lower arms and legs.

Pleasing Outcome

It was nice revisiting an old piece of work and to give it a new lease of life.  I now plan to incorporate other textiles pieces that I have made into my doll making projects.

Fairy Princess

Luckily it was a really sunny day when I came to photograph Liliella.  So I made the most of this and hunted out interesting areas in my garden and had fun posing her in different areas.  I was particularly pleased with the image above, because it shows off her sparkly fairy personality.

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