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Cloth Doll Archive Doll Pattern Adaptation #8 Jeffery the Jazz Musician

Jazz Player Cloth Doll

I wanted to explore new possibilities with my cloth doll making skills.  Therefore, to get me started, I used my partner’s step father’s keen interest in Jazz for inspiration.  Most notably, the fact he is a saxophonist.  And the idea of Jeffery the Jazz musician cloth doll was born.

Musical Cloth Doll

Getting Started

When discussing ideas with my partner, Steve, we decided to go for a Blues Brother vibe.   Consequently, this very quick sketch was created to form a visual starting point.  The drawing helped to develop the look and features of this cloth doll further.

Sketchbook Page With Blues Brother


Jazzing Up The Details

Blues Brother Doll

It is hard to pick my favourite part of Jeffery.  This is because there are many aspects of him that I love.   For the reason that I felt more confident with the creation of some the trickier items of clothing this time around.  Especially the hat and the jacket where I gained  the skills needed from my previous dolls.

The Blues Brother Hat

Cloth Doll Hat

For instance, when making Gwyneth I really struggled to get the shape of the hat right.  Due to the fact I struggled to keep the lining looking tidy.  So this time I used felt instead in order to avoid the possibility of fraying edges and to provide more a rigid shape.  As a result this worked really well.

The Shoes

Cloth Doll Shoes

I continued to use felt for the shoes. Rather than the clog style used for Gwyneth, this time I developed something to fit around the whole foot.  Therefore, three pattern pieces and the blanket stitch were used.  In addition to this, the stitching around the edges, not only held the fabric of the shoes together but also to provided a nice aesthetic detail.

The Jacket

Musical Cloth Doll

The jacket was much easier this time round since making Elizabeth.  My experience making Elizabeth’s jacket gave me a better understanding of the correct sequence I needed to sew the fabric pieces together. Even the trouser pattern from the Zombie has been adapted to fit more closely around the waist, which was a problem the first time around.

The Saxophone

Sketchbook Page With Saxophone

Similarly, the saxophone also started with a sketch. After a little bit of thought, I realised I could create the form and shape of the saxophone bell fairly simply.  

Handmade Fabric Saxophone

As a result I  stitched a basic saxophone shape using two outer pieces and two inner pieces of black lining. The lining was inserted into the main shape wrong sides together and the raw edges were folded inside.  These were stitched by hand using a blind ladder stitch.

This post was originally published on May 28th 2015.

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