Art doll by Vaudeville Manor
Doll Making Journey

Doll Making with Vaudeville Manor Welcomes You

Hello my name is Sally and welcome to my doll making and illustrations blog.  I am a teacher and artist specialising in one of a kind art textile dolls.  

handmade cloth doll

My doll making journey began in December 2014.  Back then I was using patterns from books.  At the time I blogged about these creations on my previous website.  However I will be sharing them all again on this site through my Throwback Thursday blog series.


It didn’t take me long to learn the basic techniques.  Soon enough I began to create my own doll designs.  The first breakthrough was in September 2016 with the creation of my first Autumn Goddess figure.  But there will be more about her in subsequent posts.


Art doll by Vaudeville Manor


I created this new website to share my work because I now feel that I have reached a point where the dolls deserve their own space.  Whilst this blog grows and develops, please follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


Art Doll by Vaudeville Manor


I look forward to sharing my creations with you.

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