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Welcome To Creative Doll Making

Hello and welcome to creative doll making with Vaudeville Manor.  My name is Sally and I have been making dolls since 2015.  I was first introduced to doll making at art college.  Consequently, I harnessed a strong desire to create dolls ever since.  This is because I have had a fascination with the human body, a topic that was a recurring theme during my textile degree at university. Therefore, it seemed to make sense to combine these interests in the form of creating original dolls, using textiles and fabrics.

It has taken me a couple of years to develop my techniques and a nurture a style to call my own. The journey has been fraught with technical stumbling blocks along the way. However, with a little persistence and determination, I can now solve many of the problems that I have faced. Whether this is solving a design solution or choosing the most suitable materials for the job.

And now I would like to share what I have learned with you and help you get started with your own doll making journey.


My Creative Doll Making Journey

In the beginning, I had no idea really how to sculpt a figure out of fabric and there was very little useful information on the internet. So I referred to several doll-making books to help me get started. Luckily one of those books had been organised with progression in mind and before I knew it I had created my first doll.

Creative doll making with autumn colours and textures

Ever since that initial creation, I had a vision of creating a figure that encapsulated the colours and textures of autumn. By 2016 I was ready to start experimenting and this vision was realised. My fist autumn goddess doll was the turning point and she has helped to inform the future style of all subsequent textile dolls.

I have two main themes of interest. Firstly, the natural world and secondly vintage circus and vaudeville entertainment. My partner and I used to practise circus skills together. And this interest has spilt out and into my artwork. Most notably the Zombie Circus.

Creative Doll Making

Here to Help

As a trained art teacher, it is in my nature to want to help people develop their creative and artistic skills. I have learned so much since I started out, that I simply want to share the knowledge I have gained about doll making.

I love seeing what other people create, it such an inspiration.


Learn to Create Your Own Beautiful Textile Dolls

If you interested in creative doll making but do not know where to start? I am here to help. Let’s create a community of committed doll makers sharing resources, tips, tricks and more. A blank canvas can be very daunting. Overcome that fear and commit to making a start anyway. Remember it is the mistakes we make that shape our future creative practice.

All the best,


Creative Doll Making With Vaudeville Manor