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Spring is in the Air – Inspiration of a Doll Maker

Daffodils and Primulas

There is no denying it. Spring is awesome. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I experience an overwhelming sense of joy when I realise that Spring is almost upon us. For the reason that, the change in light levels somehow connect deeply with my subconscious.  It is as if there is an internal trigger that indicates the arrival of sunnier days and longer evenings.  Well hopefully, as it is always a lottery here in the UK! 

Inspired by Spring

Abstract Spring Floral Print

Spring evokes a sense of new beginnings. This is because, the early spring flowers come into life.  Little buds blossom into stunning springtime blooms.  And we are treated to a display of light pastel colours.  A palette of beautiful yellows, pinks and purples that are interspersed with the fresh greens of the newly formed shoots and leaves. Consequently, this light and the feminine show of colours is a refreshing change.  Our visual senses welcome in this dramatic transformation after the dark, starkness provided by the winter months.

Shoots, Buds and Blossom

Persian Ironwood Blossom

Spring is a time for nature to reboot and a time of rebirth.   For example, trees and plants send tiny shoots. I love to see the buds form upon the tree branches indicating the arrival of blossom and a sense of things to follow. Most notably, the iconic pink candy floss effect of the cherry blossom. This is because a fragile and delicate show of intricate petals is only with us for a few weeks, reminding us of the fine balancing act within the natural world and the transformation of trees throughout the year.

Springtime Goddess

For about a year now I have visualised and sketched images of various figurative tree dolls. One for each season. 

Pale pinks and blossom-inspired flowers will feature heavily in her design.  All of which, will be created out of a variety of materials and textiles techniques.

However, this is a future project, so watch this space.


The Patter of Tiny Paws

Many mammals produce offspring during this time of renewal.  One of my favourite animals, the hare is most active during the spring. Therefore, to celebrate this I have created a mini collection of baby hare dolls, or leverets as they are officially called.

OOAK Dolls by Vaudeville Manor 

Introducing Petal, Rosie, Violet and Blossom.  Happy Spring everyone.

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