Throwback Thursday: Traditional Welsh Doll Number 2 – Gwyneth

This traditional Welsh doll is called Gwyneth.   She is wearing a my adaptation of a Welsh costume.  She was created for my stepmother, Jenny.

I chose a Welsh theme because my parents have just moved from the Welsh village of Caersws to the Welsh town of Twywn, in the county of Gwynnedd (which gave inspiration to her name of Gwyneth) and Saint David’s Day coincided with my decision into which type of cloth doll I would create for Jenny.  

Modern Interpretation 

This is my modern interpretation of a Welsh doll.  I adapted the look slightly.  This is because I was constrained to certain fabrics and supplies that I already had.  Luckily, this also included the little wooden daffodil brooch holding Gwyneth’s shawl together!

Traditional Doll


Body Construction

Again, I based the body on Jan Horrox’s, ‘Anastasia‘ pattern.  With each new doll, the process becomes easier.  This is because as my grows experience, the need to constantly refer to the instructions becomes less.  Therefore, I found the foundations for this doll fairly quick to put together.

Cloth Doll


Traditional Welsh Costume

Gwyneth’s top as is made from a tube of lace. Her skirt has been simply gathered around the waist. I love the little felt shoes. I was really pleased when they worked out.  For the reason that I created them from scratch without the help of a pattern.  The hat, however, was the most challenging aspect.  I eventually used a pattern from my Patti Medaris Culea book.

Handmade Doll

Art Doll


I love how the personality of each doll develops as the fabrics and details are added.  This is my favourite part of the whole process!

This post was originally created on the 8th April 2015.  With it being the eve of Wales’ national day, I would therefore like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Saint David’s Day.

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