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Winter is Coming – Inspiration for Another Doll Collection

Winter is Coming

My textile dolls are most certainly inspired by the changing colours, textures and ambiences of the seasons.  As the seasons metamorphosize around me, so does my creative influences.  Therefore, Winter is no exception, providing a new set of creative challenges.

Using a Wintery Colour Palette

Textile Press Printing

I have previously loved working with the rich and warm colour palette for my Autumn dolls.  However, I have equally relished using the colder, starker shades of Winter.  Dark and ominous deep blues, purples and blacks appear lavish on the surface, yet seem to hold a dark secret.

The Crow’s Secret

Painted Sketchbook Page

The Winter skyline conjures up imagery of skeletal trees.  A low setting sun creates a pale hazy sky.  Creating a perfect backdrop for these mysterious silhouettes to stand out against.  Further more, mystery is added to the winter trees as they are shrouded by the haunting sound and image of a ‘murder of crows’.

Sketchbook Ideas Page

Art Doll With Feathers Sketch

I created these initial sketches of crow feathers and a character development drawing to get me started.  Using my my Pinterest board titled winter for inspiration.  This included a variety of woodland images combined with a selection of corvid pictures.

Rekindling My Love of Textile Techniques

The creation of my autumn dolls opened up new ways of working. Consequently, I realised there were still many more techniques I could explore.  Mostly to push the boundaries of what I was creating further.  So I began by experimenting with simple prints of feathers.

Printed Feathers

This was an opportunity to revisit one favourite textile techniques – press printing. Using recycled pizza polystyrene, a roller and acrylic paint. Starting with paper and collage, I practised achieving different print effects

Feather Motif

In addition to this, I explored a variety of different ways to roll ink across the dry fabric. Since the aim here was to create a range of unique textures for a base fabric through the mark-making process.  As a result, my printed feathers could then be individually printed and layered on top.

Textile Doll With Feather Design

Small Things

This is a new direction for my doll making.  Therefore, these new dolls are very different to the cloth dolls that I began making for friends and family.

In conclusion, creative magic happens when we allow ourself to tread a new path.  I have also come to appreciate how a basic motif, such as a feather can generate so many outcomes and further ideas to explore.  



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